How to use Contact Forms for E-Commerce

Forms are wonderful ways to increase customer engagement for e-commerce sites. Following are the few ways you can use custom forms in your website.

Collect site user demographic

You can use a custom form to collect information from your stores users. You can create form to collect their age, gender, how they came to your site, what are they looking for. Collecting information like this will help you in optimizing your store’s design and items that you need to sell.

Contact us form

By having a contact us form on the store’s site, you allow store’s visitors to ask questions. They can query about items they are looking for, or can ask for the availabilty for items in stock, how much shipping cost etc. These kind of forms increases customer loyalty and engagement.

Customer Service

This is similar contact us form, but more geared towards your customers. They can query about their shipment, taxes, defect in item on arrival. This form can be run parallel to your support phone number and email address.

These are few ways you can use custom forms on your e-commerce site. Suggest more uses of forms in comment below.

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